In 2010 Mario Reyes start a church planning with his familyin Villa el Progreso Managua. The reasons has been exciting to various cities of the country. The gospel has been presented in the context of meeting very real human needs in a variety of areas.

Feeding programs are provided to help children who lckbasic nutrition. Patients in the nation's Cancer Hospital for  in  men's and women's both are visited monthly; any of these women are very alone and far from their families during the major crisis of dealing with cancer.

Prisoners in both men's and women's prisons are visited monthly; these people who are behind prison walls, and are very mostly forgotten people. the visits usually include small  gifts of hygiene supplies.

Nicaragua i the third poorest country in the world. The needs are overwhelming. The people who are ministering are doing so generously, investing their limited means.

Together in Love Ministry was form with the purpose of help church to fulfill the grey comission. We are trying to build a support network of people and churches that will assist these Nicaraguan people to minister more effectively where God has palced them. There many ways that caring people and churches can help Nicaragua Mission.

The ‘front line’ workers in Nicaragua are the pastors and church leaders. It is essential to bring them together to give training and to provide the opportunity for sharing. Periodically training sessions are held for pastors.

Once a year facilities are rented for the larger assembly of the annual conference. The first two years the costs were entirely covered by North American donors. The third year the local churches assumed a significant role in the funding.

However many of the small church plants, especially those from isolated areas of the country, simply do not have the resources to even cover the cost of the bus fare to send their pastors to Managua for the conference. Help from ‘outside’ will always be required to assist for those who do not have sufficient resources.

This is the work of the Church. This is the work being done in Nicaragua.Yes, we are worshipping, we are preaching the Gospel, and we are building churches,in communities, but the Church is also called to serve, and in serving those in need, we are SERVING JESUS.


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